PDF file size limit on site downloads page?

Hi all,

Just a quick question concerning the option of offering pdf downloads to the visitor of my site.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of the maximum file size of each document placed in a downloads section of a site?

I was thinking 2mb max per brochure but maybe this is too large or maybe I could actually get away with adding something bigger?



How long is a piece of string? Even with broadband, people don’t want to wait while large documents download. Why does it need to be so big? Most PDFs that I have seen can be reduced without any (noticeable) loss of quality, sometimes by as much as 75%. If your files start to get too big, you might want to consider having a hi-res and a lo-res version of each.

Hi Robert,

thanks for the response, yeah I will be adding sizes beside each document aswell.

Thanks again

It depends upon how desperate your customers are and how big and useful the Brochure is apart from their actual connection. It might be useful if you indicated next to the PDF link the file’s size.