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I’ve been a member since about 2014. I noticed that the policy states that members prior to 2018 will still be allowed to download books in digital format.
Where is this option available?
I find that the offline reader is not functioning and I also clear my cache weekly.

Welcome to the forums, @ccnet005.

Which book(s) are you trying to download? I don’t think you’ll be able to download anything which isn’t a SitePoint publication.

The python books, master, journeyman and apprentice.
The option is available to “Make available offline” , yet it doesn’t say where they’re available offline.
I’m also concerned that the policy of allowing members who had signed up before 2018 are allowed to
download books in digital format (PDF, EPUB, etc…) that option doesn’t appear available.

Any updates to this problem?

@mrlagmer, can you investigate?


We don’t make our new books available to download as a PDF and we have contract agreements with 3rd party publisher that are the same.

You can still make them available offline using your web browser and our offline mode however you will not be able to get them as a PDF or other mobile format.

Thanks for being a member your business is very much appreciated by our small team.

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