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One example of online PDF converters is this one. Similar many conversion packages are available in node NPM. when a conversion occurs the server resources of the hosting applications are consumed or this happens on the local machine through a browser or V8 engine, in the case of Google?


In the case of the example you posted, the conversion takes place on their server.

Can you give an example of such a package.

Also, what are you trying to accomplish? Are you just curious how this all works, or do you have a concrete goal in mind?

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I was learning Node.JS and I stumbled on that website, the first thing was curiosity if a similar webapp could be replicated with node. JS and with so many features.

For example, I searched PDF merger and I got these two packages:

NodeJS is running on the server. so the PDF merge would be done on the server as well. So the workload is on the server. If that is your question.

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Like Thallius says, it’s all on the server. Although, there’s nothing to stop you installing these packages on your PC and running them locally, but that would then be via the command line. If you want some kind of UI where you can upload a file, convert it then return the PDF then you’ll need a server.

That might be quite a nice project to build actually. If you were interested in that, then I’d recommend listening to the relevant part of this podcast: https://syntax.fm/show/495/potluck-api-fetching-pdf-creation-trpc-stripe-vs-paypal

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