PDF Acrobat Form and choices!

Hello everyone,
I am filling out a job application using Adobe Acrobat. It’s working wonderfully except for a form issue. There is a form that has 10 options to choose from for the town where the job is. That form does not have the town where I will be going for the interview and where the possible job is. I have tried a way to write the town in but it does not give me that option. Is there a way I can bypass the form list and type that town?

I don’t know of a way to do that, but isn’t there a remarks field at the bottom of the form or so? If there is I’d just pick one and write in the comments what you wrote here: the city you wanted to select was not in the list, but the city meant to select is <fill in city here>

You cannot able to edit the Pdf file format. Better you can attach one sheet and write the necessary details and send to them.