Paypal speedy checkout

Hey everyone, I read in the forum a couple months ago that you can change your paypal to have speedy checkout meaning you go straight to the payment page but cant seem to find the thread… So my problem is that when customers click on pay they go to paypal website where it says Login, get a paypal account etc…only on the left corner does it say “dont have a paypal account” and its very small and easy to miss…so i want to be able to have customers go straight to the payment page is there anyway it can be done with paypal? Appreciate all the help I can get, thanks.

Turn on “account optional checkout”. All settings are under the “profile” tab in your PayPal account.

Dan, thats what i thought and I currently have that option set but when i click on the paypal button on the website it keeps directing me to the page where the option to sign up is on the right and the option to pay without signing up is on the left…any idea what i am doing wrong? Thank you for the help!

That is the account optional page. It says “Pay Now With Credit Card or Log In”, and the credit card payment form is more prominent on the page than the login box. Without account optional checkout, the label and form are different and registration is required to complete payment.

I’m not sure what else you might be thinking of. PayPal Express Checkout is part of Website Payments Pro and has just as many steps to create a billing agreement as to check out on Website Payments Standard with Account Optional Checkout. And if you’re using the Direct Payment API, the user would never be on PayPal’s site, so that’s not it.

I see,… Right now I arrive on the account optional page but my impression is that the login box is way more prominent…Ill try to play around with and solve it, thank you dan again for all your help.