Paypal preauthorization

Hello all,

I been researching on the internet about paypal services but I can’t find what I am looking for.

Basically on a site I will be offering subscriptions and I could just go ahead and use the regular subscription flow, however the application will offer rewards depending on usage, so having an scenario like the following

User purchases a monthly subscription
Sent to paypal and user authorizes the monthly charge

Up to here everything goes well, but then the user manages to get a free month subscription so I need to stop paypal from charging the next month but continue charging the following, makes sense?

I have seen a similar behavior on godaddy for instance, where you authorize them once and then you can purchase a different service in the future without having to authorize paypal again

So basically like on facebook, user authorizes an app to post in behalf of a user and the the app can do it anytime as long as the user continues to have the app authorized

Does anyone know what is the name of the service?

Or is there a way to tell paypal to skip the charge of a month or reduce the cost by a percentage or dollar amount?