Paypal or moneybookers?

which do you prefer: paypal or moneybookers?

Paypal by far

That depends on what country you are in. In most countries you need a Paypal account to be able to use Paypal at all. It is only in a few countries where Paypal has been able to offer credit card payment without a Paypal account.

I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t done more than a test integration when the service was new, but I believe customers do have to sign up for a Google Checkout account in the process of making their payment. It’s used to notify them of order status and provide online order tracking and dispute resolution.

PayPal doesn’t require account creation to make a credit card payment.

Paypal. No doubt about it. I have been using them for about 6 years. They have a lots of experience and very good support.

generally, I use Paypal

What is moneybookers?

Exactly why I would answer Paypal.

In third party payment solutions, adoption rate and recognition is everything.

I am yet to find a competitor to paypal

Google Checkout and Payments by Amazon (Amazon Flexible Payments Service for the API side) are alternatives with good brand recognition.

paypal is more used worldwide then moneybookers, but moneybookers can also be used for gambling for example

I have used paypal for years with no problems so that’s what I would go with.

MB is better withdraw in my country

pp…I used about 5 years…as have many users…

Those two are the only alternatives to Paypal apart from banks where you can be reasonably sure that they will still be there tomorrow. Just a pity they don’t have the same international coverage that Paypal has.

For third party payment system, Paypal is more reliable, however it is costly.

Of course pay pal. We all know that this has been ask for so many times in webmaster forums. . But for additional suggestion you can try to visit this :smiley:

Paypal is actually one of (if not the) cheapest option.

When I investigated alternatives the bank charges were all similar to Paypal’s plus they had a flat monthly charge on top, plus they didn’t have a facility for integration into the back end the way you can with IPN.

Moneybookers is not a payment gateway but a e-wallet like PayPal!

Who are moneybookers and what is there to show that they will still be around tomorrow?