PayPal IPN

I have created a script for a user to click a button, it then sends the buyers e-mail and auto generates a password for them to login.

I’ve created a forgot password form for them to enter their e-mail address and transaction ID, but it seems the txn_id passed via IPN is infact the transaction ID on my side, not the buyers transaction id.

Does anybody know the variable for the buyers transaction ID? (If at all possible).

Searched on Google and can’t really find anything… just wondering if anyone else knows.


You don’t know the buyer’s transaction ID. You’ll have to do something else, like sending an e-mail to the PayPal account address if they lost their password.

If I remember correctly, I’ve been on sites before and they’ve asked for my transaction ID so I can prove I was the buyer… how would they get the information?

Either they’re using some other API, or they’re not asking for the PayPal transaction ID. They’re asking for some kind of ID the site generated. Like an order number. Serves the same purpose.