PayPal IPN Not returning address related info

Hi all,
i am banging my head for last few days. that is, i have a donate form in our website. When a user visits this donation form, enters his phone number, amount and subscription type (one time or monthly) and pay via paypal, i successfully receive all the information via IPN listner.
only problem is, Payee address related information is not receiving at all.

	//Paypal ipn Variables :
	$full_name=$username . " " . $last_name;

	//address details
	$zip_and_state=$address_zip . " " . $address_state; //we combaine zip and state variables.

The address details part, non of the variables have a value. very strange. what could be the issue?

error log :


Please help to find the problem. Thank you.

The error would appear to be in the code you’ve not shown us :wink: We need to see the code where you set the POST variables - presumably in a form.

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You have 50% more code there than you need. Stop creating variables for nothing.

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This is not information that Paypal will forward on a donation.

The IPN documentation also states this above the variables you mention “Additional contact or shipping information may be provided.”.

If you think about this, it makes sense. On a donation, the receiver does not need the address of the person making the donation, so it will not be transferred.

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I think this is the most accpeted answer. Thank you all.

sorry , i had to digg this thread again :slight_smile:

  • my client says : he need to provide a tax receipt for the donor. so we need his address. ofcause which i can get by providing him a box to type and get it via the paypal custom field give for our own data.

- This is not information that Paypal will forward on a donation.

here paypal does not no weather i am selling a product or accepting donation. so its contradicts your statement if i am correct. sorry if a iam wrong.

You told us, that you were using PayPal for donations, which implies you have set up their donate button.

If this is a regular payment, you need to indicate that you will ship a product, by setting that field. Though it is possible that the person donating will cancel the donation when they see that you require PayPal to send their address, since this will be visible for them on the payment page.

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i am sorry for not stating i am not using their donate button.
i undestand now. ill check further.