Paypal button don't work properly on android and iOS?

Hi guys,

I just created a paypal button,
It works properly on desktop but doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Here are the codes

			//echo '<div class="wait">PayPal is processing the payment, please wait...</div>';
			/*echo '<div class="loader">
			echo infotutsPaypal($data);

		<div class="paypalbutleft">
			<form id='paypal-info' method='post' action='#'>
				<input class="paypalbut" name='pay_now' id='pay_now' value='Pay' type="image" src="<?php echo SITE_URL.'/sandbox/paypal-ipn/paypal-button.jpg';?>" alt="Submit" width="120" height="70">

thanks in advance.

How to fix this problem so it works also properly on mobile devices?

Dear admin
I mistakenly posted this here in CSS. sorry.
Kindly move to PHP please.

Moved :thumbsup: .

I already solved this.
The reason it doesn’t redirect properly on paypal website.
Because the submit action value is hash tag #
I changed it to $_SERVER[‘php_self’]

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