Paypal bad Type-O during German Login

Call me anal but there is simply no such word as “Sichererer”. There is “Sicher” = Safe and “Sicherer” = Safer but Sichererer is just plain retarded :slight_smile: …no offense, I love Paypal

Fix what, the text or your balance? :smiley: It does look a bit odd even for someone like me who doesn’t know German. At the end of the day, it’s those who haven’t stared at the screen all day that catch the simple errors.

so far, the error has NOT been corrected …

This is not a typo, but use of wrong spelling to use language for marketing. Adding an accidental ‘rer’ at the end of an adjective is a common mistake of primary school children and this use has to my knowledge been pioneered by a number of retail chains.

It simply evokes the thinking of safe- safer - saferer etc, i.e. the more er’s you add the safer it becomes.

Paypal would be stupid to change it.

HTH, Jochen

well, I called it in. Rep in charge seemed appreciative although my balance still remains the same :slight_smile:

Let’s see how long it takes to fix it…