Paypal alternative

We are using paypal for our services, but some of our customers having problem. Do you know good alternative which allows recurring payments and low transaction commission, because our services start from $1.28 per month.

The price point is kind of low. Your best bet is a processor with only a percentage fee, any that are a % + $ you’re going to be paying a ton for each transaction. I’m not sure who allows price points that low and also does recurring. :confused:

may be you can try this

PayPal is the best one… What problems your customers are facing?

What about I used it few times and it was very nice.

what are the problems your customers are having?

i had the same problem before too coz my products are only 1.95$ and paypal is charging as much as 2.5% + 0.30$ … but now i am using … they have very low fees and a lot of options to add funds and withdraw funds… they allow withdrawal to other e-currency as well… you might want to try it out… :slight_smile:

One alternative that is beginning to gain wide acceptance is Mobillcash. It allows over 500 million mobile phone users in 15 countries including the US and Europe to simply enter their mobile phone number in the MobillCash billing form and purchase products or services. Mobillcash is approved by over 100 Mobile Phone Carriers like AT&T, Vodafone and Sprint/Nextel. Is being used by®, Facebook®, eBay® and other social networking sites.

paypal is bad, use clickbank

Try It is a reliable alternative to paypal.

I had major problems with pay pal i now have a credit card machine at my shop and use protx to process funds from my website to my merchant account

I am just starting up my online store, and am exploring ecommerce providers. I came across SWREG. They have new pricing for 0% The features offered make it pretty interesting.


Is Google Checkout any use?

try . its actually nice but the problem is many people dont have liberty reserve

I also met the same problem. Last time, I have to help my customer get a paypal.

What about AlertPay? I like paypal the best though. I have used it for years with no problems.

beside paypal and alertpay ,you can try perfectmoney as a low cost transactions for all,it is ready to be uploaded from many exchanger and with small fee "ready to transfer your money to any currency in the world,DOnt meant to promo,SO far Paypal is reliable and if the cost is kinda high i think you better reconsider what your marketing to breach that situations

Look at Amazon Flexible Payments Service. It can do anything a merchant account can; individual charges, recurring charges, etc. But it can also do some neat things like store multiple payments against an account and charge them all at once, so that you can build up a few of those $1.28 charges before actually charging the payer’s card, saving you in transaction fees.

I am setting up new site. Price of products on my site is in range of 1 to 5 dollars. Paying a fixed fee on every transaction will not work. I am looking for a payment solution which only charges a percentage.