Payment gateways

I am creating a cart software. I consider to add paypal, 2co and Authorize.Net as popular payment gateways module, what are other major and popular payment gateways I should consider to add?

Stripe. It’s one of the best and most popular these days.

Thanks. As you know there are lots of garbage payment gateways, e.g. MoneyBookers etc. that are not popular at all and I doubt if they worth my time to integrate with them. I did not check E-Gold for many years and I don’t know if this garbage is still alive too or not…

When I look at carts these days, I check if they support Stripe out of the box, and if not, I move on. I just think that any modern software is going to be looking in that kind of direction, even though there are others like them, and it won’t suit everyone, as it’s only available in certain countries.