Payment gateway question

Hi, does anybody know is it possible make payment gateway where is possible not charge credit card (and other cards) but occupy its some amount, to have it if later will be needed for charging some additional costs?

If your answer is yes then pls explain it how to do it? Hope its not too complex and only requires some settings adjustment.

Hope i was clear ?

Do you mean, is there a payment gateway which allows you to not actually charge someone until some time after their order has been completed?

If that is what you mean, you can do that with Stripe, you can “capture” a charch up to 7 days after the user puts their payment details in.

I’m having a problem with this approach… I understand that you may have problem calculating some costs like shipment or others… but when I buy something, I want to know exactly how much I’m paying… and I don’t want to have surprises. I would never leave my credit card number to some business to do a defer payment for any amount but even less when the amount is uncertain

So I would say that’s a bad practice. I think that much better option is to inform the user that the price he’s seeing on the screen is an approximate and that he will receive an e-mail with confirmation when the order is ready so he can check the actual costs and pay right at that moment.

This is true, in most countries if you say that something is going to cost one thing and you charge them another without notification or agreement, then it is illegal. But there are situations where charging later enables certain services to be a viable business model, as long as the customer knows.

Personally, I think it is better to keep track of what is owed and then charge them at the end. It is simpler, providing they pay up.

Quite right, but with the most common stripe service Stripe.js, your server never recieves actual credit card details, but instead a token, which allows you to send messages to stripe to manage the payments with the card. A customer can dispute a charge through Stripe, and Stripe could cancel your account if they felt you were performing malpractice.

Still, someone has my information… and I don’t know how much I will be charged. I simply wouldn’t do it

I think the OP might be inquiring about a “holder” amount on the card.

Whenever I go on a road trip to anywhere, I always rent a car (to save the wear n tear on my car), and they always place a holder charge on my credit card for the deposit. The card isn’t actually charged, but US$150 is “reserved” so that if I bring the car back damaged, they can collect on the deposit. Then, when I bring the car back intact, they just ask me if I want to put the price of the rental on my card. I say “Yes”, and they remove the holder, then charge the amount of the rental to that credit card.

I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get from the OP question.



Exactly WolfShade,thnx , rent a car example illustrate the best what my problem is.

It might depend upon what service you are using for payment processing. I think PayPal might have an option for just that scenario. But it most likely won’t be part of their free account… I think it may take a paid account to do that.

But, I have not looked into it. I’m just guessing.



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