Pay per Install and Adsense - Is it allowed?

I have one question and I did not find any clear answer on this forum.

Is it allowed to have PPI - Pay per install ads that require installation before opening a page on my website + Adsense later on this page that is opened.

So shortly. I have a page on website and in order to open it, visitor has to install software, only then he can acces my page on which I also have AdSense.

Is this allowed or I should leave AdSense only on other pages of this website but on the one that has forced action before visitor can access I should remove the AdSense. PPI is similar like CPAlead where user has to do something before seeing the content of individual page on my site.

thank you for your kind answer.

I don’t think that anyone will get the software installed because the normal users never like to install any type of software or application from the site they are not visiting on regular basis, and because of this, you may loose the number of viewers of your website.

Thank you for caring for my visitors but this is no problem for me whatsoever.

The question was completely different so please stick to the topic and answer the things I ask not something else!

I suggest you read these very carefully