Password forgotten link missing and password reset not working properly

Sorry, haven’t been here for a while but I wasn’t expecting this much trouble to get back.

  1. Password forgotten link is missing
  2. I had to Google it to get to the proper page but upon filling in my email address, it says Invalid URL and was showing the Google link w/ search string etc.
  3. I bypassed this by plugging in the Password forgotten page URL directly into a browser window with open
  4. Finally, I was presented with the text field to enter my email and received the email: Your Login details at Sitepoint forums but to my surprise the link below To reset your password, please visit the following page:
    was not clickable
  5. I had to copy and paste this into a new browser window. Now guess what? It says Invalid URL again. Then it showed me the FORM link for forgotten passwords which was the same page I reached in step 3.
  6. I had to repeat the process and plugin my email again but again I got the Invalid URL message.
  7. Finally, I connected using the Facebook button and plugged the URL into the sitepoint page which was open. Voila! Your password has been reset!

I am sincerely hoping that this is not an attempt to gather Facebook details of users. Feel free to recreate steps above and feel a piece of the frustration I just witnessed :slight_smile:
J/K I have a feeling this will be resolved fairly quickly?


[FONT=Verdana]Welcome back - and sorry you had so much trouble getting here. :slight_smile:

I had to use the “forgotten password” reset fairly recently, and had no problem with it. (Just as well - I’m not a Facebook user.) Perhaps @HAWK could check the system and see what’s amiss.[/FONT]

Definitely not. Facebook doesn’t work like that - we have no visibility of details. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Afraid not. :frowning: I can’t replicate the issue. I clicked the login button
And got this screen with the reset link

while you are at it Hawk…when people subscribe to threads via instant email, the emails sent about new post notification are also not clickable.

yup you are right. just tested… I must have somewhat missed that little HERE link. The font color of the “here” on my screen looks 99% identical to the text color. My bad, I guess I was looking for a more obvious button. Scratch that request. Can anything be done about not having to copy and paste urls sent from sitepoint?

Unfortunately that is a limitation of vB4 in conjunction with your mail client.

This may not help you, but I find more and more these days that I’m able to right click on a non-linked URL in all kinds of programs (like plain text editors) and choose Open URL in Browser (or similar).