Passle .net – opinions please

Hi there, a client wants to share expert thoughts on relevant topics in the financial sector and target / engage with a specific audience they’ve identified. They will use LinkedIn to engage with companies that they think would be good as clients, but are looking to regularly share content to demonstrate their expertise.

Someone pointed them to Passle, and suggested they use this as a blogging platform.

However, for what it is, it seems rather expensive; the content lives off-site (although you can have your passle pages under your own sub-domain), and the concept is based on sharing existing third party web pages.

In addition to what you write, you always showcase other people’s content.

I’m not so convinced about using this platform but would like to hear others’ experiences and thoughts.

Hey Spirelli,

I’m Adam one of the Co-founders at Passle and we’re really excited that your client is thinking to use our service. The user scenario you’ve outlined is perfect for Passle and the outreach via Linkedin sounds well thought-through. The only thing I’d add is that it’s incredibly helpful to also use our newsletter tool to put your Passle content and your brand in front of your audience regularly.

Our sub-domain solution drives all the SEO juice to your domain and we fully brand the pages to the client’s design so nearly all users will be unaware they are on our servers.

As for the costs, the reason we charge for our service as we do is that we run a Business-to-Business service with B2B levels of support and training. We work hard to ensure our client’s success in creating content that is relevant and timely over the long term. If you’d like some references from users, we’ll happily put you in touch but our clients are much like the company you are referencing (experienced professionals but not necessarily technologists) so they’re somewhat unlikely to be found on sitepoint.

The problem we solve is that firms struggle to create content in a consistent way. Passle helps by making it much easier. Its commentary so its timely, its expert-led, its authentic.

I do hope this is helpful – please reach out if we can be of further help. We’d be happy to give you a demo.

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