Been struggling with this for a few months, no help from PayPal MTS (lousy), and a few developers have attempted VQMods to fix but so far, no joy.

We use OpenCart, and the API passes the orders to PayPal, but PayPal sees the cart as a lump sum, rather than breaking it down the way the cart shows it.

The XML mods we tried did not resolve.

Has anyone found a decent workaround or other resources that might be able to assist with this?

The API calls deliver to PayPal, payment is processed, yet when we pull our reports from PayPal they do not place the shipping or sales tax in the right column, and instead of the net item cost, it shows just the total paid there.

Hope this makes sense. I’m no coder, but hope there are better resources out there than the PayPal developer files (useless). I know we have to have those things in the API or Mod (itemamt, shippingamt, taxamt) but not 100% sure how/where.

Appreciate any help/advice.


You can use this piece of mts converter software, you need to be able to solve.