Passing id to a modal report

I have an item/product listing that are called from db with a unique id…each listing has a report link, which opens in a modal window. How can I pass the parent id to the modal report?

I’m using featherlight for the modal window as shown below

calling from parent

  <a href="report.html .outter-ajax-container" data-featherlight="ajax">
    <span id="option-ri" class="inner">Report item</span></a>

    function Featherlight($content, config) {
    		if(this instanceof Featherlight) {  /* called with new */ =;
    			this.setup($content, config);
    		} else {
    			var fl = new Featherlight($content, config);;
    			return fl;

Could I pass a variable into config? Or use this id in featherlight…

$.extend(Featherlight, {
id: 0,    /* Used to id single featherlight instances */
autoBind:       '[data-featherlight]',   /* Will automatically bind elements matching this selector. Clear or set before onReady */
defaults:  Featherlight.prototype,   /* You can access and override all defaults using $.featherlight.defaults, which is just a synonym for $.featherlight.prototype */

Have looked at some pointers in below…but not sure if i’d have to create a new function to pass the parameter, or if I could use/amend the featherlight config…


<input id="item-id" type="hidden" value="112233">
<script>$("#item-id", window.parent.document).val();</script>

then how would I display this in modal?

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