Pass or append the value from input text to <a href=“sms?:body=”>

I’m trying to look for a how I can pass the value from in input textbox *href=“sms:?body” It is a dynamic value that changes every time a user creates a new account. The idea is that once I click on the “Send Invite by SMS” the value or referral code that is included in the input text will also be included in the SMS body message.

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Sample work in progress

<input class="input" disabled="true" placeholder="Referral Code" ng-model="account.referral_code_string" id="input-refcode">

<a ng-model="account.referral_code_string" href="sms:?body=" class="sms-btn" >Send Invite by SMS</a>


I have managed to bind the input text on the sms anchor but when I try tap on the button the SMS app doesn’t open up. It shows unsafe:sms but when I try using only href with a sample text(href=“sms:?body=text”) it opens up the SMS app

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