Pass a parameter from client-side to server side and get result

I knows it sounds basic but I can’t seem to get it right. I’m trying to get a data from the API but it needs a parameter in order to obtain the data. How can I pass the parameter and get the result which is a JSON array

$(function() {

	var proxy       = '';
	var endpoint    = 'account/';
	var rt          = 'GET';
	var url         = proxy+'?endpoint='+endpoint+'&rt='+rt;
    var param       = {
        'lastsyncdate' : '2016-12-06'

	$.get(url, function(param) {


You’re actually already sending parameters, namely endpoint and rt. ;-) When sending a GET request, the query string is the only way to pass along data; and if you pass a data object to $.GET as an argument, it will be converted to a query string as well. So these both calls are equivalent:

const proxy = ''

const params = {
  endpoint: 'account/',
  rt: 'GET',
  lastsyndicate: '2016-12-06'

const url = proxy 
  + '?endpoint=' + params.endpoint
  + '&rt=' + params.rt 
  + '&lastsyndicate=' + params.lastysndicate

$.get(url, function (data) {

$.get(proxy, params, function (data) {

Not sure if a mixup works as well though. FWIW, I think the latter approach is much nicer as it avoids messing with string literals.

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