Partition Question (XP)

See the image below,
how do I get that space available to my C:?

How to use the Command Line (Windows User Version)

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1- Get your Source ready
– Boot computer and navigate to command line directions
-1b If you only have one computer, print said directions
2- Get your Target computer ready
– Open a command prompt window or
– Boot into command prompt environment
3- Read directions from step 1, follow to the letter.

I started using it over 2 years ago (with a GUI), so it could very well be it lacked one before that point.

Well, that must be new. I remembered observing someone booting GParted 3 or 4 years ago and everything had to be done in the terminal.

GParted Live CD does have a GUI.
I have a copy on a mini CD (200 MB) just for it.

I remember hearing that GParted outside of an OS only runs from the command line - no GUI. Probably not the best option for a Windows user. Heck, even I’d be challenged to do it that way! Please correct me if that info is incorrect.

Yep, there’s a GUI. Otherwise, most folks probably wouldn’t consider it as a reasonable option.

Don’t bother with ubuntu if all you really need is just GParted. It just makes things more complicated. Grab the GParted LiveCD–it’s just GParted with no extras:

Of course if you were using either Vista or Seven could have done it from Disk Management too. But obviously you are still using XP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yikes! Don’t install Ubuntu. Just boot from the live CD and mount your drive from there.

Okay, I tried EASUES it looks great, I didnt do anything yet, Im updating all my software then making an ISO image of my hard drive.

I tried installing Ubuntu yesterday on part of a partition but I kept getting “Insert CD Titled: Ubuntu blah blah blah”, I might try again today.

GParted is included on Ubuntu live disks. Boot up and expand your primary partition from there. I love GParted. :slight_smile: provides a useful free partition manager tool.

ok thanks i am going to try some of this

You cannot merge partitions or expand a partition with the windows disk management tool.

What Greg proposes will be destructive to your system in its current state–what he’s describing are some of the steps for a fresh installation.

What may work for you is a partitioning tool called GParted. Burn the ISO to a CD, boot from it, and expand your C: partition to the unallocated space.

While I’ve never had a problem with this tool, I’d highly recommend backing up your data before performing any partition manipulation–just in case.

i think you have to format the disk by inserting the bootable CD of an operating system you like and soon after your system restarts it,ll prompt (Boot from CD…) hit any key to activate
after auto copying you.ll see the disks section. here you can do that but with this you,ll lost all your data and you have to install the OS on c: again
remmember it
i don,t know how other OS CD,s works but with XP it does
don,t forget that you have to format the disk by manually entering the space in Mega bytes
you are using 149 GB and you can chose 465 GB
calculate it down in MB,s then enter the value

1 thing more, why are you using different partition systems for the two
i use FAT 32 for every disk a technical person told me to
Have a nice computing