Participance Request for a Visualization Design Research Project


Hi Designers! We are a research team at the University of Colorado Boulder, currently conducting a research experiment to determine how visualizations can best use color to encode data.

We are really interested in getting skilled designers like yourself to take part in our study! You would be helping science and other designers across the world, and we would love to have you as a participant!

The study will take about 15-20 minutes. It’s online, fun, and simple! It involves looking at colorful data visualizations and answering simple questions about them.

Here is the link:


Hi Kekewu, welcome to the forums!

In my view it was boring and demanding to take 39 similar decisions of what was the correct answer based on color perception as fast as I could to serve you the data needed to evaluate the color performance. The image show pretty well how the study works so I wasn’t surprised it took some effort to do.

You should also mention that after the 15-20 minutes effort comes the mandatory form about more personal details to submit or the participating will be invalidated.

And yet you exclude several of the most skilled developers here! I think you should have mentioned the age limit in your post. :roll_eyes:

Your link leads to a research description that also lists the conditions for participating. I wonder if the color perception check before the study starts could be saved and used to compare how the result is affected if the study would later expand and process data that comes from users you currently regard as out of scope (i.e. also including all ages. No offense, but that is of course prevented by the “clever” 18-65 select field for age.)

You are eligible for this study if and only if:

  • You have not already completed this study.
  • You are between 18 and 65 years of age.
  • You have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • You do not have a color vision deficiency or abnormal vision.

But when I visit with Javascript off I land on the script page that is supposed to redirect me to this info, but as the mandatory “noscript” section is missing it will only show the links to the pages I should have landed on.

The noscript part would of course show the conditions to at least let people decide if they’re eligible for the study and if it’s safe/worth it to enable Javascript.

I want to take the opportunity to recommend researchers to ask their uni teams to rethink how they design the survey if they are interested in a more unbiased data set that does not exclude or piss off some of the people who are willing to take part.

I have yet to find a survey that is not Javascript dependent. Even some that doesn’t submit by Javascript use it to e.g. display the forms. People are starting to use security aware browsers like Brave and other Chromium based forks that have Javascript off by default to avoid at least some trackers.

I believe all the necessary checks can be made server side if you ask (pay) a skilled developer. In your case, apart from collecting the IP you’ve also assigned the participant a random number, so a failed submit could easily return the invalid form state to be corrected. Javascript should not be a dependency, it’s not safe and can be tampered with by the user.

Last but not least; IMHO it would be decent to start a survey with asking for the personal details the study needs in order to process the data. To use it as the last step isn’t fair to the eventual uncomfortable user to have to abort and waste the time and effort made. Sadly that is the common strategy to lean on.