Part of site doesn't show when scrolling is required

So, I’m working on my site and I’ve noticed that when i resize the browser window that the content that you scroll to see has the backgrounds missing.

Why is that?

URI’s cannot have spaces in the path.


(" 4 WP/images/Nav background.png")

Stray tags in the HTML are the foundation of a house of cards.

I suspect what you mean (but didn’t say) is that the problem occurs when you make your browser narrower than the content and then scroll right. In that case, you need to add something like this to your CSS:

#Header, #NavBG, #LowerContent {
  min-width: 1160px;

@ronpat The gaps in the URL will work, but they make for ugly URLs, because the browser adds in %20 to fill in every gap. So yes, it’s a terrible idea to have gaps in URLs.

I owe Brian an apology. I misunderstood the issue. I’ve not seen that problem before, either. Would never have thought to check for it. Learned something new about min-width. Thanks Ralph for the lesson and thanks Brian for posting the issue.

About spaces in URLs… we were both right. Brian’s URLs were fine; I was wrong to pounce on 'em. But they were fine because they have quotation marks around them. Those same URLs without surrounding quotes would fail.

Fundamentally, URLs cannot have spaces. Browsers insert a filler, usually %20, sometimes pluses. In my opinion, it’s better if the web page author uses underscores, dashes, pluses, %20’s, or runs words together, and takes responsibility for paths and file names rather than leaving them to the browser’s or server’s discretion. Who knows when someone might overlook a pair of quote marks.


Brian, you might consider testing your sites in IE 8.