Parent Child Pages with PHP

Hi there

I’m currently using IFrames on my web site, I have one main page with a banner and side menu. With a Iframe in the middle that changes when you click the buttons.

But IFrames are really not working for me, seeing that i can’t bookmark the pages and it gives me other problems with redirecting and stuff.

But i know that you can do it with php, like example what facebook is doing.

I’m just not sure where to begin and what to look for. So any advice maybe?

Thank you

okay cool, i’ll try this out. Thanx

Hey, misunderstood. You should take a look at Javascript: This plugin lets you handle URL anchor changes events.

YOU cannot redirect a parent page in iframe with PHP. You should use Javascript for that:

parent.document.location = ‘http://some.parent.location’;

StarLion thank you I’ll check, but i just want to know abt site’s like facebook? they work with php, so how do they eacly do it?

and golotyuk, i didn’t really say anything about redirecting using php. but thanx anyway.

Easiest description I can think of is to take what you know, and turn it ***-backwards.
An IFrame works by taking a page, and loading a page inside of it. PHP can do that.

However, most normally when you have a header/sidebar/main content section setup in PHP, you do it the other way around - the main content section is the primary, and it loads the header/sidebar around itself.

Check out some basic tutorials on PHP - focusing especially on ones that demonstrate the PHP command include (or [URL=“”]include_once)