Pantone colors and percentages

Hey guys,

I’m doing some work in getting a design up for a client. His company’s style guide is using Pantone colors and percentages thereof, which I need to convert to RGB or hex values for their Web site. For example, links are supposed to be 70% Pantone Orange 021. Pantone Orange 021 maps to the RGB values 100%, 38.7%, and 10.6%, respectively. 70% of each of those RGB values (70%, 27.09%, 7.42%) makes the orange turn very dark, almost to a mahogany-type color. Am I doing this conversion wrong, and if so, how am I supposed to properly match percentages of Pantone colors? Any help would be appreciated, since I’m a complete newbie to the ways of print colors. Thanks :).

Good link for ya:

why not just create a block of color in photoshop of 70% of that pantone color on a white bg, then do a screengrab and use the colour picker to read the rgb value of it.

70% opacity on that block, or 70% of the calculated RGB values? That’s what I’m trying to figure out really, whether or not I’m getting the process right (I’m pretty sure I’m not).

No, spot colours don’t work on opacity in the traditional sense of layer opacity. You actually need to create a new channel with the spot (pantone) color at 70%. Then make a selection, within that channel, and fill it. You can then take a screengrab and select the color from that (since you can not use the eyedropper tool directly on the spot color).
I have attached a psd with a new channel for your spot color at 70% to show you what i mean.