Palace Hosting: Is there any out there for free?

I love to play Palace Chat, and so I decided to get my own Palace Server. After several attempts I couldn’t find anything free, so I decided to go with the least expensive company, Epalaces. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with the bill of $45 every three monthes, so I decided to shut it down.

Now my question is, is there any free hosting for Palace Chat available? If I can’t find something, then I would like to start my own free hosting company, pretty much my dream, but I’m gonna need somebody’s help!! It would gratefully appreciated if somebody would answer this thread!! Thx a ton!

:slight_smile: Kady <3 :slight_smile:

Ipalaces are banned from advertising on Avatar Palace tho and the owner of ipalaces use to steal peoples regcodes that he hosted palaces for then use them on Avatar Palace to kick them off. Just saying I wouldn’t trust him.

if you give a good reason there give you one for free but it only allows up to 10 users. I should should know cause they gave me one free cause a gave them a good reason why i wanted one.

you could try eternal tears owner mike he does it for free to cause the owner of nous got free from him and existance also

Well. There isn’t anything free anymore. Ipalaces use to be free, but now you must pay.
Yet, Ipalaces have very low payments, like… {snip}
Remove the dots and replace it as . :smiley:

Enjoy your new palace server if you ever get one! :smiley:

You can get free palace hosting for one month and its only 10 dollars a month after that. With it you get everything unlimited space, users, etc. You also get free webhosting with it. Anyways check it out if you are interested (