Painful customer service from Micfo

I have been facing an issue for several days. 15 days back I created a ticket for them. One person started responding. His name is {snip}. He keeps asking questions, but won’t try to solve the problem.

  • He keeps putting my ticket on hold and nobody responds.
  • After explaining him the whole problem on phone and in the ticket several ways, several times, he still can’t solve the problem.
  • One of my website works fine, others don’t and he keeps saying it is browser issue.

Called the telephone support. They keep saying politely, “sorry for the inconvenience, we will take care of it, we will escalate the issue”

Nothing really happens.

One telephone support person asks me to try the live chat. The live chat person could reproduce the issue. But, he could not solve the problem, so he asks me to write issue details in the ticket and he says he moved the ticket to somebody else.

Same old dumb support person comes back and gives useless response without even trying the steps I gave to reproduce the issue.

I am with them since 2004. I don’t have any problem with the uptime/downtime or speed etc. But, if I face a problem, I am loosing hours and energy trying to explain this dumb person. I am in IT for more than 12 years. I know how technical support responds to this issue. But, nobody does this as dumb as this guy.

I will wait for couple of days. After that I will have to start looking for alternatives


First, Welcome to SitePoint!

Second, why tolerate that nonsense? Escalate it to a service manager or directly to the CEO. After all, your only other option is to move.



Your tickets might be lost. I can’t believe after 6 years being good they become bad.
I recommend you trying some alternative ways of contact

tickets are not lost. I am still replying on the one ticket.

There is no alternate support. I asked for supervisor. They say the supervisor is not available. Now the phone support started hanging up on me.

One phone support person said he will come back to me. Let us see what happens

You must try and get the direct email contact of a service manager or a CEO. Shed light on the problems you are facing and mention how annoyed you are. Tell them bluntly that if you don’t get any resolution, you are thinking of changing the service.