Paid links vs Penguin

Hello Friends,

As we know in next month Google will update another version of penguin. So I just want to know one thing which web owner have paid links for their site will penguin effects them or not.

I think you have not seen their policy guidelines, See here you will get clear picture about their link policy.

It is heard to predict…If it is a relevant site then there is nothing to worry about…

I´m quite curious about the new pinguin update 2.0
Sure that website owners will be affected, at least if they exagerated to build up backlinks for too much money keywords or from spammy websites.

I guess that google will use the informations that they´ve gathered throughout the whole disavow tool/reconsideration request process afther pinguin 1.0.
As announced on twitter, some link networks might get in trouble.

At the end, it´s all about diversifying your link sources.
Only link building & blog marketing platforms with individual blogs and websites like teliad or link worth will survive.

There isn’t really a method whereby Google will automatically know if you bought a link to a website. That being said, there are link networks and known websites out there that are clearly designed to do this and if you have purchased links from them you could be penalized. Also, sites selling links are typically not selling good links. Even if Google doesn’t know you paid for a link, there is a great chance that what you bought is not very good anyway.

Maybe you can identify your bad links using these tips,

If you are worried about getting penalized, I would avoid buying links.



Paid links will get you a good amount of links in the faster way towards your sites and but in the eye of google paid links considered as a black hat activity and recently update penguin impact paid links site… read more about the paid links…

I agree. Platforms with individual bloggers and websites such as the marketplaces mentioned above will come out on top.