Paid Links or Good Redirects

Hello SEO experts! I’m currently working on optimizing my website’s search engine visibility, and I have a question regarding the best approach for improving organic rankings: paid links or good redirects. I have seen these two different strategies used by websites. Some people buy expired domains have good links and then they redirect it to their website, and some people buy links obviously, Are there any specific scenarios or considerations where one option may be preferred over the other? Please guide

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You put the words “organic rankings” and “paid links” in the same sentence. I shall now stare at you.


Focus on improving your rankings organically. If Google discovers that you are buying or generating backlinks, your website will be adversely affected because it is against Google’s policies.

While you stare, shall I buy you a free drink?


These are very short term solutions, if solutions at all.
The redirect: So suppose the domain you buy has lots of nice back links, and you benefit form that to some extent, of course the “link juice” is watered down by the redirect. But it’s only a matter of time before Google crawls your site and passes its judgement based on your content, and those that host the links realise that they no longer go where they intended, then remove the link.
And another consideration, if these domains are doing so well, why have they expired? :thinking:

Paid links: Google hates these, that’s all.


unless they’re the one selling them, anyway :wink:


Paid links are typically not recommended since they might result in a website being punished by search engines. However, good redirects are typically safe and may be an efficient approach to assist enhance website SEO by establishing an effective connection between two webpages. By automatically redirecting users to the most appropriate page for their query, good redirects may also assist improve the user experience.

Paid links can provide a quick boost in visibility and attract targeted traffic. However, it’s important to obtain them ethically and in compliance with search engine regulations to avoid penalties. Organic traffic from quality content and reliable sources is still the best long-term SEO strategy.

Can you show me anywhere in Google’s terms of service where this would EVER be in compliance?

Paid links vs. redirects: Be cautious. Quality matters. Paid links risk penalties. Redirects can consolidate link equity. Focus on organic, high-quality backlinks for long-term success.

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