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Hey there,

I’m building a website for a client at the moment and they are paying me. They have said that they want the following photos to appear on their website, but I have since learnt that these are editorial images:

Can I purchase these and use them on the website? Or do I have to find different images with different licenses?

Thanks for your help in advance?

Did you see this page?

Hi Sam,

Ah right ok, so I can’t use them if I’m charging someone for a website then?

What type of licensed photos should I be looking for then? and do Shutterstock do photos for commercial use?

I was thinking of using some photos from for now as I believe these are free for commercial use?

Thanks for your help

It’s more about what kind of website it is. You can’t use it for decoration on a standard website. They’re saying you can only use it for newsy kinds of purposes. (To be honest, I’d say the photo owners didn’t understand the purpose of “editorial use only”, as that’s a pretty silly limitation on pictures of a car.)

Yep, you can use them any way you like. There are quite a few other sites like that, such as


As I interpret it, it’s more about what the client’s site is or does.

Finding non-Editorial Images:
Just click “Refine Your Search” next to the search bar. Checking the “Editorial” or “Non-Editorial” box will filter Images according to your needs.

There are a few recommendations for free photos in this topic:-

Generally CC photos are OK, but read the license agreements to see if they allow commercial use.
You can also filter Google Images results by Usage Rights, if you click the Tools button.

If you (or the client) are willing to pay I would think the choice is much wider.

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. It is for a website for a company who do some electrical work on these type of cars- and therefore want to display these cars on the website. After reading your post I’d assume that this wouldn’t be allowed. They are more than happy to pay for photos, that’s not a problem - so it would be a case of finding photos on shutterstock that I can pay for to use for commercial use?

I want to make sure I am 100% on this as I know it can land people in trouble if the correct licenses aren’t used!

You always seem to be there to help, I remember signing up to this forum a few years ago and you were the one to help then as well, so thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply Sam. The plan was always to pay for the photos and my client is ok to do this, I asked them to go away and look for some photos - ones that we could purchase, but I had never come across these “Editorial” images before

Yes, and that’s mostly what those photo sites are for. So just watch out for special restrictions. Or the site owner could just take some photos of their own. :smiley:

I’ve suggested them taking photos of their own but they work on expensive cars and getting those photos are a little harder than anticipated.

Could you recommend any websites that offer commercial use images other than shutter stock?

Thanks in advance

Have you had a look at the sites mentioned in this thread, @ontargett?

Websites for good, free photos?


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