Paid directories with main & secondary links

I remember a time when Google stated that having multiple paid/secondary links wasn’t necessarily a healthy practice to get in to.

Does this hold water today? A number of higher PR directories are offering (1) main index link combined with (3) secondary pages on their site link detail page.

What think we?

Also - -how/where to tell if a directory has been blacklisted?

Do you have any reference to this. I an around quite some time but don’t recall any such statement

This was more than 5-6 years ago, I’m scanning my memory.

What is it you’re after?

you’re referring to directories that offer deep links with the listing that you are submitting. i would use them, they’re good for your site’s seo that’s for sure - the deep links help page rank and the trust and authority of your site circulate and bring added attention to your inner pages to both users and the bots. use them.

I’ve been around a while and never heard anything about google warning against those