Pagination or Infinite Scrolling

Hello All,

I have one website of software recommendation, where I have several pages of different type of software category pages. So I’m trying to develop pagination for one particular page. But most of my competitor are using infinite scrolling technique. Still I implemented on one of out accounting software category page. So which should I choose?

As a website visitor rather than a designer, I much prefer pagination. If it’s done properly, you know how many pages there are and you can skip pages if you know can skip pages if you want.


I prefer pagination over scrolling as the user can jump to the page and you know they are going to get there or at least to be able to see the pages.

I very much prefer pagination.

Even good infinite scrolling implementations like here are less efficient than the pagination the old forum had, IMHO.

The best option for product lists, in my view whether scrolling or pagination, is to also have a button called “Load All” that makes all products listed on the same page with a normal scrollbar to navigate back and forth.

But to broaden the view:


I’m also a pagination fan. If you reflect the pagination in the URL, you can use this to jump forwards and backwards through a large number of records with ease.


Depends on the number of items to scroll. If there are thousands then a drill down search is better than pagination.

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