Pagination/Gallery JS for "Zoomable" images

Hello all,

I need some help with pagination on the web page that am working right now. There are images(more than 50) on this page which I want to show as gallery. Each image has few details about the photograph beside it. Right now all these images and details are shown in a single page one after the other with div’s and am setting these div tags using JS array.

I have found several javascripts in google which can do pagination/ gallery for simple images. But my problem is these are not simple images but zoomable images. So when am using these scripts my first zoomable image is shown properly. But from next image, the details of the photo are changing but my zoomable image is not loading.

I am fairly new to JS. It would be great if someone can point in right direction. I am exploring Spry Widgets to do this but wanted to know if there is any other simple or better way to do it.

Thanks in Advance,

Not really sure what you are saying. You say you want to paginate your images. If all the images and details are in arrays, you should be able to display a set amount of images say from 0 - 10, then 11 - 21…etc.

Then you say your zoom is not working? Is this a separate script? As long as you have classnames on all images and the script loads up looking for those images with classnames it should work. Have you got a link to where this is?