PageRank Still confuse me

hi guys
Recently i got the website for seo.
i checked the basic details like domain age, pagerank etc.
domain was 7 month old and
0 pagerank,
alexa showed 6 backlinks
while google webmaster tools no data for backlinks
basically a new site with nothing done for SEO

i am doing seo from last 20 days
started with onpage seo and now off page
today i noticed that website has got pagerank 1
i was surprised as nothing has changed in alexa backlinks and webmaster tools

can any one suggest what is happening

Please note i can’t tell the website’s name

Alexa is not a quick tool for updating indexes for new or low traffic sites. Wait for couple of weeks before it starts showing some results. The same can be true for Google webmaster account.

Google did a fresh export of PR a couple of days ago.

Hi Ashu! Regarding your question i agree with TopGrade. Usually these Giants do not update their databases because of several reason, for example Google will never show you your actual number of backlinks because of security reasons from spammers and other web marketers so that they might not generate backlinks from same sources. Similarly SpyFu updates its data base after around 2 months this is the reason why you will see different stats for same keyword on Google keyword tool and SpyFu.
I Suggest you not to bother these stats for initial couple of months, just rely on your activities. For backlinks Yahoo is a bit reliable.

To support cbp’s answer, I think Google made that PR update last week. I think it was on May 3rd. Correct me if I’m wrong, okay?

Anyway, I think 20 days wouldn’t be enough to say that you’ve improved. I suggest that you monitor your site analytics and check how traffic goes to your site and focus on those. Also take note of Google’s recent updates. Take note that they’re encouraging webmasters to focus more on creating quality content, which I think has always been how things are supposed to be.

Ya its bit surprise about PR 1 …but its good for you,I know that its shocking suddenly within 20 days your PR is 1 and that too by doing Only On-Page Activities…SO can anybody know exact reason i mean when Google update PR?is any fixed duration or time or we can not say properly about it?Could any one describe it?

Regarding PageRank calculation, I copy a post from the teliad FAQ, where I found this statement:

[COLOR=#0000cd][I]"Following numerous studies by SEOs in recent years, the following PageRank equation has been developed for calculating the PageRank inheritance:

PR(A) = (1 – d) + d (PR(T1) / C(T1) + … + PR(Tn) / C(Tn))PR(A): PageRank of page Ad = 0.85PR(Ti): PageRank of page T1, which sets a link to AC(Ti): Number of outbound links on page T1, which inherits the PageRank

Since Google has not confirmed this equation, there may by all means be differences in the actual calculation. However, it is indisputable that the number of outbound external backlinks on a webpage is a very important factor. The more external backlinks it has, the weaker the inheritance. It is possible that pages with a great amount of external links (including link exchanges) may be entirely excluded from a PageRank inheritance by Google, however this cannot be reliably determined."[/I][/COLOR]

Maybe this helps for your understanding of the PR.

Here are some Google Ranking Factors check them:

I wouldn’t concern yourself with Pagerank anyway, concentrate on building your site to suit your clientele not Google

You should wait about a month to see performance. SEO changes don’t take into effect overnight. It takes time to build. And like Irishman said, don’t focus primarily on PR but on the user experience.

This happens all the time and these are common issues in SEO. Truth is, SEO is about consistency. Seeking for a higher page rank requires you to focus more attention to on-page and off-page techniques. A higher ranking simply follows.

I am really surprise to see this kind of result in 20 days. You must be doing SEO very professionally as my website is more then 1 year old and still not pickup PR. I am stuck at PR 1 and doing the SEO.

hello, generally, Pr Three or two months update once, the Quality and Quantity of backlinks affect Page Rank, you need process your link building persistently, if someday your find your site have some high quality backlinks, the pr will be satisfied you.