Paged media CSS 2.1 pseudo-class declarations

Is there any use for paged media in CSS?

This is for printing, yes?

@page :first
@page :left
@page :right

It lets the content of the document to be split into one or more discrete pages. Paged media includes paper, transparencies, pages that are displayed on computer screens, etc.

The CSS2 page model specifies how a document is formatted within a rectangular area (the page box) that has a finite width and height. These features fall into two groups:

-features that define a particular page layout.
-features that control the pagination of a document.

For more in dept: here’s an explanation on how to achieve.

But browser support? Not so great i guess…

For printing you shouldn’t rely on CSS3 basically at all because almost no browsers have anything implimented.

Opera (my information might be outdated, FF/IE8 may suport it)) is currently the only one who currently even supports page-break/page-break-after etc etc.

Just remember, graceful dedegration (butchered spelling :D). Improved expereince for those with better browsers, but a functional site for those with not as great :slight_smile: