Page speed not improving

Hi all,
Page speed is not improving. What can I do that my website will be faster?

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What steps have you taken to improve it? It won’t happen by itself.

There are various sites such as which will analyse the page for you and show where and how you can make improvements.

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Thanks for your reply. I will analyze through this google developers tool and will improve my site

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page speed is tiny ranking factor in according google.
& Your page load time is less than 6 sec. Then no need to worry more about page speed.

Hi @jaydipvivadainfotech and a warm welcome to the forum.

Is it possible to supply a reference to the six-second rule?

There is no such rule to refer 6s rule, But based on my experience and knowledge.
If your web page load within 6 seconds then you should be focus on any other factors instead of sticking with the page load time.

6 seconds is slooooow. I’d really aim for a second or less. 1

You may also want to look at bounce rates in relation to load times here

1 For your primary target audience, unless you’re google you wont get that speed all over the globe, nor should you aim to

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Are you using WordPress?
If yes Please follow following Point

  1. Please choose an SEO friendly Theme
  2. Use a Plugin for minify HTML, CSS, and images.
  3. Check your CDN. if you are getting slow you may move to Cloudflare for free or premium.

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Make sure that you have deleted dead links and after that, check all rel links in head and footer which takes huge amount of the time

hi john,
Your blog speed seems to be OK for desktop users (Score 77) but poor for mobile users 9 (score 47), The major factor to speed up your blog is the best WordPress hosting, beside that you can optimize your blog images and database to improve blog speed instantly and can use page speed analyzing tools such as GTmetrix or Google page speed. This guide may be helpful for you to speed up your WordPress blog.