Page Speed Discrepancy Issues

Hey all,

I have the same website, on the same server, (Bluehost) in two different places.

Primary domain:
Sub Domain:

The primary domain has been optimized (with the exception of images, we’re getting there!)
The sub domain has not been optimized

Here’s what’s odd!

The non-optimized sub domain has a MUCH faster loading time, even though the page size was reduced, scripts were optimized, etc.

GTMetrix Scores for NON-Optimized Site:

**GTMetrix Scores for OPTIMIZED Site **

Any idea what could be causing an optimized site to load SLOWER than the non-optimized site?

Thank you!

Are you using CloudLinux on the hosting server?

If you are testing these at the same time - or otherwise doing something else on the account at the same time as these tests are being run - then you may be hitting some limits imposed by CloudLinux that is causing the production site to have to queue up access points resulting in a slower load time.

That’s just a guess.

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Pingdom give the subdomain as slower loading.

Main site:
Performance grade B 90
Page size 3.6 MB
Load time 4.19 s
Requests 52

Staging site
Performance grade B 83
Page size 3.7 MB
Load time 5.06 s
Requests 83

You have to take all these speed testing site results with a pinch of salt. I bet if you tested each site two or three times you would get slightly different results. It can depend on the testing server load, your server load ( as there are probably other sites on your server ), your PC etc.

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Very interesting. Okay, thank you for looking into it! I’ll ignore it for now.

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