Page re-loads with form submission in fancybox, lose close option

I have a form that opens up in fancybox, the form uses php and so the on submit the page reloads im guessing, with that, I lose the option to close fancybox down by either clicking outside the iframe or the ‘X’ close button.

Test here by clicking the ‘Contact’ button, don’t mind anyone testing it if they need to.

enter link description here

I thought because of the reload I would need to put the whole fancybox code at the bottom of the iframe page, but that didn’t help, so am a bit stumped.


What contact “button” are you referring to?

I see two contact links (pointing to different places) one at top, one at bottom.

Hi yes sorry the one at the top, in the main nav bar.

The bottom on re-directs the user to the main site, SEO stuff.

It looks to be working OK for me using Firefox latest. What browser are you using?

Oh sorry didn’t thin to test it in another browser, but I’m using IE11.

When you say you tested it and it was fine, did you fill the form in and then submit the enquiry and then try and close fancybox down, as that is where the issue is. It works fine when you load it up first, but after the form is submitted I then cant close the fancybox down.

Will try it in Mozilla now myself

Ye your right the functionality works in Mozilla, so its an IE issue

Have a look here as I think its this bug as I see a script denied error in teh console in IE11.

Hi Paul,

Ah I see yes, so there nothing much we can do about it at the moment, which is good in a way, as I can move on from it now.

Thanks again Paul, good night

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