Page Rank Indicator

I used to get the page rank indicator in my browser for any page I visited, but it’s now no longer there? Anyone know how I can get it back please?

Go back in time a few years?

Seriously though, the relevancy of Page Rank is a thing of the past.

Reset your browser setting and enable the extension again. If you don’t get it again then reinstall the extension. Also clear the cache and cookies.

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There are sites where you can get a sense of a page’s rank, but as said, it’s pretty much useless information these days.

You have to remember that PageRank hasn’t been updated since December 2013, so it really isn’t something you should measure anymore.

That being said, I wouldn’t call it ‘useless’, as analysing PageRank patterns from past websites can really help you guide in Good IA for SEO as proprietary rankings really are not up to scratch in measuring authorative internal link patterns (the 'ol pagerank flow).

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Thanks. I had to reinstall last year, so where/how is the best place to get it from please? Don’t want the Alexa, just the Google Page rank.

As said, Google hasn’t updated the toolbar PR since Dec 2013, and as said in the video above, there are no plans to update it in the future.

Is there any other way of quickly seeing some sort of Google ranking while on the page I’m looking at please?

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