Page Performance Mean Time to Use GZIP?

I’ve been holding off on using GZIP as I’m afraid to change anything on my site, in fears that changing to gzip might affect my search engine rankings.

But now Google is placing performance on site performance, and their number one suggestion is gzipping pages. So, should I do it?


Absolutely. Gzipping the pages will not hurt your search engine rankings.

It’s been standard practice for sometime to use server-side compression for browsers that accept it. It will benefit both your users and your search results.

Why would compression change anything on your site?

I think it is a server setting in httpd.conf for apache servers.



Google recently admitted that their Site Performance (instead of just bot speed) does go into their Algo nowadays. And, when it looks at my pages, it’s number one suggestion was to activate GZIP/Compression.

So now I have it activated.