Page loads scrolled at certain position based on form submission result

I have a little conundrum. I have a form which the user submits information with. If the submission passes server-side validation, it is displayed. This is the default, as the <form> has action="#new-submission". The submission HTML therefore has an id="new-submission" thrown in.

If the submission is not valid, then I want the page to load automatically scrolled down to where the form is, so the user can fix what they got wrong. This would of course be done by having #input-form in the URI, which I could force with an HTTP Location header.

The problem is that I have no access to the headers. This script is include()d via PHP in a third-party script, where the headers have already been sent. The only solution I can think of is to use JavaScript to scroll down to here upon page load, but I’d like to avoid this.

Can anyone think of another solution, or must I use JS?

A simple anchor would be the easiest solution

<a name="theForm></a>
<form action="" method="post">