Page loads at the bottom

Hi this page New Life Christian Center | More than a church. We are a famly. loads at the bottom of the page instead of the top. Could anyone tell me what I need to fix? I don’t even know where to start looking for the problem.


I can’t identify the exact problem, but it looks like there is some JavaScript interfering with the page load, and indeed, when I turn off JavaScript, the page loads normally at the top.

So perhaps disable your scripts one by one to identify which one is messing around with the page.

So how do I disable my scripts?

You could comment them out one by one to see which is causing the trouble. That is, wrap <!-- --> around the javascript links in your document (mostly in the <head>, I think from memory).

so when I take off the CAPTCHA it loads at the top. When I put it back in it loads at the bottom.

Well done, Watson. :wink: I’m not sure how to stop it from messing the page load, but to be honest, Captcha is the work of the Evil One anyway, so I’d recommend getting rid of it. :smiley: It’s a nightmare to use—whether or not you require assistive technologies to surf the web. A better solution is to have some kind of hidden input which, if filled in by a bot, will stop the form being set. Did you set up the form yourself?

no it’s a wordpress plugin wp-members

Maybe it’s ok I have an extensive bio field that needs to be filled out with very specific information. And members need to be approved.