Page load time as related to sites with blogs attached

I have been working on the speed issue and have come to notice something. Of the 24 sites that I have under my Google webmaster account, only those with blogs are listed in the slow area of Google’s speed chart. I have added the cache plug ins to a couple to see if this improves the page load time.

Does this mean that blogs should be hosted on their own URL on a different server? I know this would help with back links, but looks like it might be another reason to move them of the main sites server.

Has anyone else noticed this, or have any ideas?

And yes, I realize speed is a minor issue, but I always try to cover all the bases in the eyes of the Google Gods.

Hi Kathy,

There are a number of ways to increase page speed. For example, limit the number of entries shown on the blog landing page. In general though moving things to around to new servers and sites cause a variety of problems. You can find a good article about it here: