Page Listings Without Sitemaps

Sitepoint members,
I read on Google Webmaster site that you shouldn’t have links to all your pages listed on every page. I really don’t know of any way that works better at displaying your pages. Site maps list all pages, but how often do you click the sitemap link? Is there another strategy?



you shouldn’t have links to every page on each page unless you have a very (very very very) small site. Your users should be able to navigate to your site easily without a sitemap, or a list of al your pages.
(The sitemap is for a user that is lost, and if users that are lost it means the navrigation of your site is not good)

Gar onn,

If you have a website of 50 or so pages, it seems crazy that the only way for a visitor to become aware of those pages (each of which is an article about a different but related subject) is by links. If I want a visitor to be aware of all the different subjects I cover - that the visitor may also be interested in, how would I do it? Can you imagine magazine covers having the title of only one of the articles in the magazine? If I have it like a magazince, I woula have all the titles on the home page and not on every page after. Is that what you mean?