Padding not working

You can look at the page located here:

I’m building a master page and content pages with Visual Studio. All of that is fine.

I can’t seem to get the padding to work for the main content section (where the word “foo” is at). I want a 20px margin/padding between it and the vertical line of the sidebar image. I’ve tried both padding-left and margin-left, but neither made a difference.

Have you solved the problem? I don’t see any issues on my end - it is displayed exactly as you described. I am using Firefox 3.6.8 on Mac OS X.

What is ideal?

The way you’ve set it up (which isn’t ideal) you need to do something like this:

.MainBody {margin-left: 210px;}

Might be better to make a left floated column for the image and float the content section right. That’s what I’d do, anyhow.

Yes, it’s solved now. Have a few other issues/tweaks, but they are with my Telerik menu. Thanks for your help everyone.

See my second comment.