Package design, how to do it - tissue rolls


I’m not sure where exactly to post this as I think I know the site to be web-focused. A friend asked me to help him design packaging for tissues (See attached file)

Any idea on where to start and where I can find good resources on the net(like sitepoint) where they discuss or have articles on such issues? Even a tutorial would be helpful.



This looks like a fun project!

My first thought, and this is what I normally consider before any print project, is to contact the printer and ask for the specs.

With that said, I did a little research for you, and here are some tips (summarizing):

  1. As stated above, talk to the packaging printer.
  2. Take existing package, or similar to the one you want to design, and dissect it. Maybe use an exacto blade and cut the packaging at the seams. Take measurements and then setup your document to match… Be sure to allow for a large bleed area.
  3. Alternative to #2 above, is to just design the graphics, and then let the printer put them on their template.
  4. I was told that this type of printing is called “Flexographic”. Maybe google around for Flexographic printers in your area… Again, first thing I would do is contact a printer and get the specs… Some printers may even give you templates. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps!


Thank-you Micky! I had come across the word Flexography, but didnt look more into it. Now that you mentioned it, it seems to be the right place to start. Using it as a keyword has brought alot of good results

Some Material with good advice: