Owning a domain for life?

well question is simple and I don’t know the answer about it… Need you help guys. Is there a way we can get the get hold of the domain for life which mean we would not paying domain feed each year… !

why not they get the fees for the domain for life… jsut like 100$ to 200$ or somthing… It will be more profitable to them as well… ?

Domains don’t work that way. You can only lease a domain - the actual owners will always be the domain authorities to whom the LD originally belongs.

Actually there is a way that you can purchase a domain so that you actually own it for life and that is to purchase your own TLD. I think that option was introduced in the last year or two. Yoyu’d need to add an extra four or six zeros to the end of your suggested price though.

You can register domain name for 10 years max. Not for life.

“for life” is not defined anyway, as some people live longer than others.

for much exactly ?

domain’s life is 10 years :smiley:
You can pay for registration or renewal at a time for maximum 10 years. Fee will depend upon your registrar.

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It also depends on what TLD the domain is in as not all allow you to renew for variable lengths of time. For example .au domains can only be renewed for two years at a time no more and no less.

There are some registrars for .com domains who offer a 100 year option by registering the domain for ten years and then renewing for another ten years as early as possible and so on until the domain is registered for 100 years. I don’t know what would happen if that registrar went out of business or you wanted to move the domain to a different registrar though.

One thing to remember is that with .com domains Verisign actually charges the registrar an amount per domain per year that actually makes up most of what the cheap registrars charge for domains and the amount Verisign charges goes up every couple of years so with a 100 year registration at least $1000 of what you are charged would be going to Verisign and the registrar would be adding their charge on top of that.

If you do not want use your domain name use autorenewal service which your domain name registrar should provide for you.

“For Life” means for as long as you’re a paying client of that host (he’s making more than enough money from his yearly hosting AND, since the host will register the domain, it’s THEIR domain, not yours!).



They don’t all work that way.

Some hosting providers offer a “free” domain for life where the cost of the domain is just included in what they charge you for the hosting. In those instances the domain belongs to you but it will only be “free” while you are with the hosting where the hosting fee you are paying includes the fee for the domain.

It makes more sense not to give domains for life anyway, every now and again ICANN look over all the TLD’s and either retires (slowly phasing out) those which don’t apply / are no longer used. If you could purchase a domain for life it would be insane in terms of spam, you would get all the best names permanently ripped off the market shelf so you would end up having to pay thousands of dollars to get the rights to the identity from some second hand dealer. :slight_smile:

ICANN will be opening the next round of gTLD creation some time this year. If you were to apply for and obtain the new top level domain of your choice then you would own that TLD for life. The application fee is $185000 USD and the applicant needs to be a company and there is no guarantee that they will actually grant the TLD to you but there will be some companies that will be obtaining domains for life at some point this year.

You can guarantee someone will apply for .XXX, and if granted will become a multi-billionaire :lol:

I’m sure ICANN will not allow that.

Slightly off topic here but, the irony is that if the law specified that porn sites had to be in the .XXX domain it would literally solve the issue of parental filters overnight, you could just block the TLD and know that the only stuff which might be missed would be the illegal stuff which can be reported and taken down (as a result of such laws). The decision to drop the TLD was stupid and only serves to benefit the people distributing porn. :slight_smile:

Domain name registration rules don’t work like that way. You only register a domain name for a maximum of ten years…

The private registrar, Mercantile is giving .np domains for free to Nepalese Citizens and Businesses/Governments in Nepal. Once you register it, it becomes your property for lifetime.

It has probably a life more than 10 years. It is not free for all, though.

Though they do not seem to have plans for paid services, I am not sure, if they have to bear the cost for it. It is the matter of your hosting server - if you do not pay to the hosting server, your domain may stop working, but still you own it.

There are no renewals for the domain name. Just you have to be legally qualified to own it for the first time.

bimalpoudel: but there’s no guarantees that they will be offering domains for all eternity so proclaiming it’s free for life isn’t accurate (no-one can account for the future of the web). Who knows, in 10 years time they might totally reinvent the way we enter URL’s and TLD extensions might be replaced, no-one knows. :slight_smile:

I suppose they will not reorganize everything. But I’m pretty sure that soon ICANN will change the rules for the period of registration.
In any case using auto renewal services would be enough.

i think 10 year is enough