Ownership of training materials when I teach at a training centre

Hi I am about to start delivery some web development courses at a training centre in my area. I will develop the course structure and materials, and will be paid an hourly rate for teaching. I am however worried about ownership of the materials which will take a considerable time investment on my part to develop. What’s the common practice in this case, does the teacher retain copyright on materials, or negotiate a deal to get paid a sum and transfer copyright to the training centre?

What does it say in your contract?

We haven’t drawn up a contract yet, that’s why I’m asking

Well it will legally be whatever you are putting in your contract but if you’re not being prepared for preparation time then I can’t see how they can expect to own the rights to the material that you are developing.

If you are being paid for preparation time then I could see them having a claim to the work as they are paying you to prepare it and to deliver it.