Overriding a class

I have this code:

<div id="one" class="like-locker blue">

So there will be formatting for the class. But I want to override the class formatting and add my own.

Do I need to use inline?

If I wanted to add say padding, can someone tell me how I would modify the line of code above?



Is something preventing you from either modifying the CSS of the classes already applied (presumably in an external stylesheet), or creating a new class that applies the styles you require?

Look at the popup here: Popup test | Funny Daily News

The frame around the facebook text is too close so I would like to add more padding.

The popup displays a php widget, so I can put html in there. It also has a shortcode that brings in the facebook Like button and border. But I can’t and don’t want to edit the css of the classes because it will be used in other parts of the site in a different way.

Any ideas?

On that page I can see “Popup test Written by Jon on August 16, 2011 Any old text.” but no sign of any functioning pop up, Facebook Like button or the HTML markup shown in your first post.

Sorry, it was set for Administrators only! Guests can see now too. :slight_smile:

You could try something more specific like

.php-textwidget #one {padding: 4px;}

That was perfect. Thanks ralph!